Annie’s Soliloquy

Annie's Soliloquy by AnikeBeloved on ZenPens


I am caught in between the anvil and the hammer. The first sentence–scratch it–I am caught in between the devil and the blue sea. Journeying in life has its smoothness and roughness and it becomes worse when you journey with the wrong person; you will constantly wear a sad look and peace of mind will see you and flee. This, my present predicament.

I was once in a frying pan, I was cheated on and made to look like a fool, which is a stain—no, a mud to my personality. Everything ended with a goodbye that was hushly and hurriedly said. The thought of all that happened still leaves a dark cloud hanging on my brows; my always smiling face almost got disfigured. I was glad I managed to escape the frying pan with just a concealed part of me getting scarred but in my hurriedness to escape and continually bask in euphoria, I jumped into fire. I am not sure if this fire is sulphuric but I can tell you without mincing words that I have lost my peace of mind.

Look before you take a leap; I leapt before I looked. I typically placed the wheel before the cart. I shut my intuition, telling it that it should be optimistic, “Believe that all is well.” Well, in this waterless well that I am presently in, all is not well: I have lost my breath, my peace and the will to climb out of the well. I am presently in fire.

Well, in this case again, I have a motivational quote for myself, “Things happen for a particular reason. Whatever happens today is a link to what will happen in the future today, do not let your link sink in the euphoria of things happening now.” With this quote, I shall put on the coat of resilience and doggedness; with this, will I be able to dodge the dug encumbrances like a trained hunting dog.

“I shall not quit being a quiet thinker even if the encumbrances are quite numerous until I get a hold of that personality in me called the cute fighter that won’t quit.”

Let’s leave the scenario of being in the frying pan and leaping into fire for another time. Papa calls.

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