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A Selfless King


It was a usual lecture day,
In the University of Port Harcourt
Students had ghoulish eyes
—boredom stained lenses
The air was dry as the stench
From the jam-packed bodies
Filled the hall
I took a break
Stepping away from the
Death-row class, blasphemous teachings
To catch some breath under the popular tree
Known to have bewitched the lousiest of students
Then, the unexpected happened
Its branches bowed for a groveling presence
The clouds shook as lightning and thunder
Raced to cross the finish line
Everyone glared in awe
As a handsome young lad
Wearing a calm long-sleeved shirt
Walked into the lousiest students circle
He looked at me
Gave the corniest,
But warmest of smiles
It felt special
He said words I can’t remember
Because the wind had chewed them up
It was a destined meeting
—the day Zeus and I
Had our first communication


Zeus had that effect
He was euphoria
That brought upon happiness
In the faces of others
His actions; a beautiful pandemonium
Sealed heartaches on a clandestine chamber
He was human,
A wise young one
Imperfect yet reaching out to others
Zeus made those close to him
Feel safe and not alone in this rabbit hole
—nibbling on our aches
He always said, “Las las, we go dey alright.”
I don’t know if I am alright at this moment
But I’ll try, because he wanted us to be…

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