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A Message from an Evangelist

We never really indulged in exchange of pleasantries, for the occurrence that led to our meeting wasn’t like that of a reunion.

“Have you given your life to Christ?” she asked.

“Perhaps not, perhaps I have,” I replied.

“Brother, I have a message for you,” said she.

“Really? Well it depends on the medium you are transmitting through, for example my attention span barely functions properly in social media.”

“Sorry, I didn’t get you clearly,” she replied.

“Oh, I’m sorry too, do not worry about that, lay the bane of the message to my hearing,” I said.

“Well I’m not getting you clearly but I shall continue,” she said.

“Fire on, my lady I’m all ears.”

“You say?”

“Oh I’m sorry, I said nothing,” I replied.

“I heard you say something incomprehensible, in fact, you just lied.”

“Did I? Perchance I may take that as part of your message,” I said.

“You see, brother, lying is not good, it’s a sin against God, in fact let me show you.”

She ran verbally through a few of the commandments in the Bible, stressing on one of the ones that instructed against lying, and read a few more passages before coming back to where we started off.

“As I asked earlier have you given your life to Christ?”

“Well, I think my life belongs to Christ,” I replied.

“No brother, you’ve got it twisted. I think you are mistaken.”

“Really?” I asked.

“Yes. Are you a Christian?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“Have you been baptised?”

“Yes, I have.”

“I mean not the baptism by water sprinkling, but by immersion,” said she.

“Well, my lady, you might have to skip this part of our conversation and land to where the bane of the message is sitting,” I said.

“No… listen to me,” she said, as she slightly rose her index finger in line with her rising pitch. “Don’t be deceived, do you know Jesus?”

“Well, it depends on the Jesus you are talking about; I know a certain footballer whose name is Jésus.”

She paused and stared at me blankly with a few wrinkles squeezing their way through her forehead.

“But you claimed to be a Christian,” she finally continued.

“I never claimed,” said I.

“Really?” she asked, as she took a curious glance at my face. But by my errant indolence I deemed it fit not to reply such question. Hence I saw myself busying my attention on the hasty moving vehicles that were speeding their way through the major road.

“But you said you are a Christian,” she continued.

“Oh did I? Oh, you remember I said that, and never claimed to be one.”

“Brother you are trying to be funny with the message of the Lord, in fact you are toiling with wrath of the Lord. You are living in sin.”

“Finally, would that be part of the message you brought forth to me?” I asked.

“Nooo… listen to me let me enlighten you about the word of God.”

“Okay… good, very good, I’m all ears,” I replied.

She hurriedly flipped through the pages of her Bible and read to my vacant ears a few more passages. I thought a solid explanation would follow suit, but how mistaken was I to think in that line of thought, for she galloped into a new dimension.

“Now brother, have you been touched?” asked she.

“Touched by what if I may ask”

“Touched by the—”

I hurriedly interjected, hammering in a few of my opinions. “Well it depends on the aspect of touch you are talking about, it could be emotional, physical, spiritual—”

“Stop! Yes, yes,” she abruptly cut through, before I could ramble on.

“That’s the one I meant, a spiritual touch it is,” she continued.

“That is beautiful,” I said.

“I see you’ve been touched. Glory to God,” she said, ecstatically lifting her left hand which she freely waved about monotonous.

“But I would like you to press it further by relaying to me the message you fastidiously sought to pass to me,” said I.

“Ah!” She was now looking perturbed and surprised. “I see you have not been properly touched by the Holy Spirit, you think this is a mere conversation or a joke.”

“Well you tell me. But I would still like to know which part of all this is the message.”

“Brother! You are joking with the Lord.” she spoke as she impetuously adjusted her body forward.

“Oh my! My goodness. Why would I do such? That could be termed as sacrilegious,” said I.

“Yes. yes, very, very sacrilegious. In fact, you need help.”


“Yes, of course,” she replied.

“So how do I get this help you solemnly speak of?”

“Have you gotten wind of Kingdom Faith Chapel?” she asked.

“Not really.”

“Well I shall enlighten you about us. We hold Sunday and weekday services thrice a week. We also hold deliverance services, and we equally counsel and teach people how to speak in tongues. And by my discernment you are well in line for the three last things I mentioned.”


“Yes …you have the spirit in you, all you need is to be delivered of the spirit of defiance,” said she.

“In me?”

“Yes, in you. Then you will be taught how to speak to the Holy Spirit through speaking in tongue. In fact, we have spirited men of God who could guide your way step by step.”

“Wow… perchance I would love that. But would that be the message you’ve earnestly brought to my reluctant hearing??”

“No! But you have to know them, they are of great importance my brother.”

“Oh… okay then. But now will you indulge me the privilege of hearing the message?”

“Yes, but you will have to agree to partake in our service and listen fervently to the message of the day.”

“Well that will intricately depend on the message you have been willing to transmit to my hearing for the better part of our contact.”

“Well I would not drag further on your last statement until I have passed my message. But seriously you have to take this seriously,” she said.

“Okay I hear you. I shall endeavour to take it with all seriousness, as much as seriousness would be willing to accept. When do we get to the part where I get to hear the message we have so waited for?” I asked.

“Aggh… brother!” she yelled, with her face looking irritated and her voice sounding coarse. “Learn to be patient, for the time for the message is not yet here, and for the Holy Spirit will minister to both of us when the time shall come. Have you read what the Bible spoke about impatience?” asked she.

“Have I? I don’t think I have.” I replied.

“Well let me read a few passages for you.”

With customary practise she hurriedly flipped through the pages of her Bible, and read a few passages to my un-eager hearing.

“Hmmh…” she moaned, right after completing the last verse. “Brother, while I was reading the Holy Spirit spoke to me.”

“Wow finally, could that be the message?”

“No, not really, but it’s on the way, when it comes you will feel it. In fact, we would feel it together. but you can also feel it whenever, however, and wherever you are at a given time.”

“Wow. Quite intriguing,” said I.

“Mmmh…” she huffed, before continuing, “Let me share with you a piece of the message…” She inhaled softly and exhaled loudly, before taking an extended pause, while I pretended to be in a solemn mood.
Right before she broke the silence I signalled a cab to pull over. We stood in the serene silence for over an hour. It didn’t occur to me anymore that I had a companion, hence I energetically hopped into the cab. But with my body half in, and my buttock half-seated in the cab, she gasped and yelled out as she stood awestruck.


“Yes, my lady.”

“Where are going? We are not done,” said she.

“Oh goodness me, that must be my mistake. I’m sorry but you had an ample amount of time to articulate your message and press them into my consciousness. I’m sorry I couldn’t get that message, or maybe I did get it vaguely.”

I completed my entrance and signalled the cab driver to hit the road. As he drove off, I could see her posture through the side mirror; by my cursory observation I could tell she was utterly abashed by the way I left.

Perhaps the message was the invitation to her place of worship, but how could I be sure? Therefore, I resolved within myself to beckon onto the Holy Spirit to send me the message himself; perhaps that way I could get the message clearly.

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