What Drives A Man

What drives a man? she asked
Is it the fear of a miserable and pathetic life of poverty,
The shame of failure and pains of dreams that crashed?
Maybe it’s a drive to be better and avoid pressure and mockery,
A need to help and support all that he lacked, was deprived of, and couldn’t ask?

Who teaches a man his ways?
Maybe the father, a solid guardian whose hands were firm and full of strength
With wisdom and teachings to guide his days?
Or his mother a softer version of discipline with rods of emotions and love intense?
Whichever it is, a man is made by the path he trails.

What drives a man to love?
Is it the physical appearance, beauty and elegance that triggers his heart to feel?
Or its the character, personality and etiquettes of the woman behind the curves?
He may have found a better half, to complete him and bore his dreams
Alas, in the end a man must make a choice

How should a man behave?
Respect, humility and intergrity should be a an indepth root
When the evil storm that bleeds and breaks clings to his roots, he should prevail
The words of his father, sacrifices of his mother and love of his wife would help him shute

A man must build and lead with vision, wisdom and all it takes…
A man is strong in heart and will
What drives a man is love, support and appreciation.

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