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These Girls That Can’t Cook

Let us discuss this course
And this evil evil that once was
And still is.

‘She’ is stigmatized and humiliated
For not knowing the recipe of a good meal,
But ‘he’ isn’t even sent to grind at the Mill
Or taught to be a good cook…
She’s told to learn how to cook
Because she’ll be a wife tomorrow—
Who made it the job of a wife?

Or why do we feel a ‘she’ must
Cook better than a ‘he’?
And if a ‘he’ is found preparing a meal,
He is scorned to hell!

Being a good cook is not of gender —
You should blame her for not knowing
How to cook because it is good
To know how to cook —
Not because she is a girl.

Men are even advised in churches
Not to marry a woman who can’t cook —
And the women are not advised to not
Get married to a man who can’t cook.

Do you see that the feminine gender
Is being enslaved?

There’s no best cook anywhere —
We all have different tastes.
And when next you see a ‘she’
Who can’t prepare a good meal,
Simply tell her it is good to be a good cook.
Do not tell her to be a good cook
Because she is feminine —
It is an evil stereotype!

Flourish Joshua

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