Let’s Talk

Let’s talk about the sleeping souls
The ones that sang us odes
Let’s search their houses
Their hearts, trousers and blouses

How’s life out there in the open
Where spirits wander, lives in coven
Wishing everyday to come back
And another life begs to start

Let’s talk about the unfulfilled lives
Of those butchered with knives
Of those buried by bombs and missiles
And those bitten by snakes and lizards

Oh, let’s talk about our lost loves
Those unconditional loves not lusts
Those who made our lives matter
Those with us in every life strata

Oh, let’s remember our mothers
Whose lives are full of love and tender feelings for us
Yet felt the pain and fangs of life’s smothers
Though we prayed hard for them to not leave us

Let’s talk about death itself
Who sees us like leaflets
Who murders both the wicked and softest hearts
An expert in such art

Let’s talk about our lives
And know we can die many times
Let’s live everyday in smiles and love
Let our sorrows be gone

Someday the villain will sweep
Loved ones yet will pray and weep
Let’s stay alive in our lives
For death and life are both deep
Put away our guns, sheath our knives
And embrace every encounter with love
Life is beautiful and many more
Look beyond, you’ll see yours

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