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Cry From An Arid Land

Are You still there?
Burn these pages if You are.
Can You hear me? If You can,
Draw me in! Give me an
Escape! My heart’s freezing.
Fill me, my breaths are in pants now.
Give me nontoxic air, I’m right here.
Help me out, my lung’s drying!
I keep falling, I’ve been calling,
Jest is all I hear, even though You said,
“Knock and hinges clasped shall unclasp”
“Lay your brokenness on me,” You said.
Maybe Your bossom’s become sagged
Now, I’m not even sure what to hold
Onto anymore, are You there or not?
Pricks scathe my fragility until I’m
Questioning seeming unpromised promises
Revisit this arid land, it’s gone so cold
Soothe this broken edges
That fine light might finally
Unearth me the sanity I’ve gone
Vacant on. The woods unending I’m
Wandering in search of succour are as
Xeric as I am—nothing to give.
You said, ‘Call on me, I’ll give you rest’ with
Zeal I’ve called, now I’m waiting for rest.

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