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Why Be A Cultist?

Why be a cultist?
Someone who is nothing but an anarchist
Someone who is a non-conformist
Or don’t you know a cultist is a satanist?

Why be a cultist?
That will make you an arsonist
Always happy to conspire
To go and set a strange fire

Oh! Tell me why you wanna be a cultist?
Someone who is a terrorist, a rapist,
An egolist, an exorcist, a fetishist, an anarchist!
When they approach you, please strongly resist
You are worth more than being a cultist!

Why be a cultist?
When you can be an amorist?
Someone who spreads love to people
Someone who wouldn’t tolerate evil

Why be a cultist?
When you can be a philanthropist
Someone who is humane
Someone who gives to take away pain

Oh! Why be a cultist
When you can be a pacifist
Someone who is in love with peace
Someone who makes all catastrophe cease

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