Heart Twinge

Heart Twinge by Proftee on ZenPens

One very boring night I tuned out,
to sleep; I was very apt,
still, I was perusing people’s
post on a social media,
drowsily though.
Would I say I’ve not been
or this pulchritude just
from nowhere ogled at me,
as on my screen is the
profile pic of a user on the
medium I was,
my eyes became so clear,
and a deep smile kissed
my cheek,
as I, with ecstasy asked,
to be friends,
my bottles of joy toppled,
as this beauty accepted my
Ten days, it’s been,
it feels as though it’s
ten months,
the feeling has excoriated,
all, yes, all of my disquetudes,
I felt giddy at first, but
now, I’ve fallen flat, yes,
so flat,
you know what?
this way I feel,
the same way she feels.

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