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Oh! Helpless man,
a shadow of his creator.
Grew from strength to strength
and dwindled day after day.

Oh! Fearless man,
so scared of his future.
Fought for lasting freedom
and watch everything fade away.

Oh! Careless man,
a clown in his habitat.
Made the bombs and guns
and prayed for world war three.

Oh! Ruthless man,
a joker and a scientist.
Cloned all types of viruses,
got visited by Ebola, Lassa and Corona.

Oh! Clueless man,
facing decimation from his action.
Waxing deaths toll hit headlines
to confirm Malthus population theory.

Oh! Faithless man,
blaming it on nature and God.
With annual mortality statistics,
his population is under check.

Oh! Tireless man,
a genius in scheming.
Keep praying for peace
and daily crave for war.

Oh! Sinless man,
a rainbow and a Messiah.
Come quickly today,
and redeem the remnants.

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