Listen, listen to the whispers
The slow mild whispers of the day
The melodious blues of the plants
And the funny quack rappings of the animals

Listen ‘cos I’m so happy walking in the sound waves
Of these rhythmical release of nature
The remix of every echoed beat
And the DJ-ric mix of dust and water
Listen even for just a minute

Hear the basking tone from afar
The buzzing sound of a strange being
An overshadowing bass with greed to obtain a territory
A territory of peaceful dominance
Oh, just listen for a moment

Hear the sharp cry of nature
Listen to her pounding heart
A once nutured heart
Now bleeds from a dagger from
A wicked intruder with a murder instinct

What do I do to remedy this situation?
I cannot let this beauty die off
As it once was, beautiful, peaceful and majestic
Full of life like a orchestra

I shall be your Samaritan
To care and nature for it
Till it rises on its feet again

But I shall be the James Bond
That never misses a bullet
And put an end to this killer
With my bare hands I shall
Quench the burning flame of his life
With an off I shall restore back that which belongs to you.

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