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When Death Calls

You sat inside your room apprehensive and locked up; not because someone had locked you up. You did so yourself. You had woken up that morning with an uncertain fear and goosebumps all over your body. You couldn’t explain the reason for that fear yet you still felt unsafe. Plainly put, you were afraid.

Maybe it was because two of your friends had died mysteriously three months back. The second person had died, six weeks after the first person was killed. It wasn’t coincidence that she had died in the same gory manner the first person had died.

Her dead body had been found inside the bathtub. Her mouth was open with the tongue missing and her eyes which used to be beady and a centre of attraction for men were now a hollow hole in their sockets. Thinking about it, you remembered them both.

The first person was Lillian. She was a beauty to behold with big bedroom eyes, pointed nose that complimented her small pink lips. She was the prettiest of the three of you. She had an ass that any man could kill for and boobs that were seductively sexy. Lillian was conscious of her beauty as she always wore sexy body-revealing clothes like a short skirt or bum shorts with a can and a top that exposes a bigger part of her big breasts.

You envied her most of the time. The way men flocked around her was alarming, but trust Lillian, she would shake her boobs to their face and still say no! She loved to make a fool out of them. You and Mma had always warned her to quit messing with men. The truth was that despite all the goodies Lillian carried, she was a lesbian and Mma didn’t know about it until her death. It was a secret and you promised Lillian that you would keep it.

You never would have known if you hadn’t barged into the room that hot afternoon. Lillian had told you she was having menstrual cramps and wouldn’t be able to make it to school that morning. Knowing how painful it had always been for her, you never doubted her and left. After the first two lectures, you had rushed home to pick something and met Lillian with a younger student. The student whom you had seen once or twice in the cafeteria with Lillian, was doing justice to her lower part with her tongue while her free hand fondled her big boobs. Lillian was moaning in ecstasy. The sight was an eyesore. The duo had been so engrossed that they hadn’t noticed you not until you shuffled your feet on the ground. They both sprang up, reaching for the same wrapper but when Lillian saw you, she relaxed. She made you promise not to tell anyone not even Mma. You became an ally, they could do it in your presence as often as they want. Severally, Lillian had tried to initiate you into the act but you had blatantly refused.

A months after that act she was murdered. You had found her on the pathway leading to the school block. She had been missing for two days. She told you girls that she was traveling home. You couldn’t reach her line but you both believed that she was fine because there was no service in her village. That morning, you were just getting ready for school when a coursemate ran into your room. The urgency in her voice made you and Mma to run with her to behold the gruesome sight. You beheld Lillian, her face was all punched up, her eyes; her big beautiful eyes were missing, her mouth was barren of her tongue and her nipples were pierced. It was a tough time for you and Mma. You both barely escaped the police who labeled the two of you suspects. That incident haunted you both everyday of your lives even in your dreams, and it made studying a problem.

Then just when you thought you both have gotten everything under control. You found Mma dead in the bathtub, the same way Lillian had been murdered. She might not have been as sexy and beautiful as Lillian and you because of her petit nature but her brain made up for it. Mma was the whiz in your midst as well as the Chemical Engineering department at large, and she also got killer eyes any man could die for.

It’s been six weeks after her death and you are afraid for your own life. You had refused to leave the house since you woke up around 2am with that chill. You were crampled on your bed at one corner of the room, unsure of what to do next. Inside your head, you could hear some invisible angels singing. You knew it was your death day but you were determined to fight it with your life. You remembered the knife you kept beside you since morning. You picked it up and held it firmly in both hands. You heard a sound like the door in the sitting room opening ajar. You froze, your heart palpitating quickly, your feet growing cold. Just one door demacated you from your assassilant. Thank God it was an iron door. You had it changed after Mma died, but wait! You just remembered that the front door was also changed to an iron door yet someone was standing right in that room.

How was it possible? you wondered.
Now you were really afraid. You thought about calling the police again. They should’ve been here by now but you were afraid of picking the phone up. Just then the phone began to ring. You looked at the number, it was an unfamiliar number. You were wondering who was calling you just as the call cut and the phone began to ring again. Maybe you could be saved.

Quickly, you picked the call and began to scream frantically. “Help me please,” you shouted into the phone. “There is a burgular in my house, he’s mad. Please help me…”

The sinster laughter at the other end of the line congealed your blood. It sent goosebumps all over you. “Hi, babe, I am not a burgular, I am a killer and I am here to kill you,” the inimical voice at the other end of the line began to say. “Just open the door and I will take it easy on you or should I come in myself and make it messy. I love it the hard way?”

You threw the phone to the ground just before you heard him say, “Ready or not here I come,” just as the door clicked opened and you stood face to face with death, you heard the whirling siren sound of the police van outside.

Have I been saved? you wondered just as he lurched towards you; he was faceless.

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