The Men in Her Head

Red butterflies,
seen in all she does.
Black spiders and wasps,
pay homage to her pasts.

“I hate men,” she said,
yet men live in her head.
“They are monsters in red,”
yet men gladly follow her lead.

Some men will go,
some men will come,
her head remains their estate;
a place of soothing fate.

It was Michael.
It is Raphael.
It will be Nathanael.

These men are playful,
coming with a lot of “I love you.”
And they left so joyful,
leaving her with “I hate you.”

Yes, she is hurt
but still gives each a chance.
Is she nuts?
Does she need deliverance?

Of softest heart
and kindest being.
She became an art
men bid for with a shilling.

Her head and mind
are easy to find.
Though intelligently pretty
she is less costlier than petty.

“One day I’ll be lucky to find him,” she said,
“the man that will help me delete these men in my head.
Until I’m lucky then,
shall I say ‘I have dealt with men’?”

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