Girlfriend Versus Woman

A girlfriend gives you a rose, a woman gives you ideas to make roses
A girlfriend makes you happy, a woman sources for joy for her home.
A girlfriend makes you spend your money for pleasure, a woman helps in making your money for the future.

A girlfriend gives you honey, a woman forms honeycomb as life for you.
A girlfriend asks for attention for lost, a woman builds her home to draw your attention.
A girlfriend is just a side friend for a while, a woman strengthens your life as a superman.
A girlfriend is just for a night, a woman is the sight for your wisdom.

A girlfriend fuels your sadness with happiness, a woman decorates your life with peace of mind.
A girlfriend builds your life with gold, a woman will builds your whole life with heaven.
A girl will clean your house, a woman will clean your entire life.
A girlfriend pours her ideas for you to expand it, a woman waits on your ideas, leaves her own, she makes your ideas her own,
She builds it with love, no matter how odd it is.

A girlfriend is just like a dew in the morning, a woman is like the sun that rises in the morning to flourish your life.
A girlfriend admires you for a reason, a woman sees you as her own.
A girlfriend demands without looking at your dream, a woman’s demand is peace for her home.
Can a girlfriend become woman?

Hmm! I think yes or no, it’s like trying to transform a raven to an eagle.
A wise girlfriend stirs herself on the heel of nature.

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