A Moment With Time

He has always been here
Around and hanging on our necks
Try as you may with all your strength
He still sticks around all the way
For the greater good, he will say
Once I leave, we all go down together

He will always be here as a reminder
Of our lives today that speaks of our tomorrow
Our mistakes today lives with us forever
Leave your life well today, and reap their rewards tomorrow
Your future’s in your hands, give or take
It all boils down to lamentations or laugher

Often I ask him the question why.
Why does he run so fast without care?
Leaving us behind to perish and strive?
We try to hang onto his back on a piggy ride
But he shoves us off and trudges on
“Why can’t he just wait for us?” I wondered

Often times, I sit to rue things I have done
On a road to the past I want to journey
To set myself free of my mistakes, I tarry
But he said, “A day gone can never be recovered,”
“Everyday is a blessing,” he whispered
“Set the pace today, I wait for no one.”

“I am time and I have always been here,
You pass away but I never move.
I am static even when you think otherwise.”
“But why do you pass out so quickly?
Often atimes, we are choked up with time,
No matter how hard we try, you are never enough.”
“You’re choked up because you failed to plan,” he began
“Work with me and you will not rue.
I will still be here even after you are all gone.
So make hay while the sun still shines,
A stitch in time saves nine,” he finished
He was gone like the puff of the wind

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