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The Face of Valentine

Dear daughter, today may be special but it can also ruin
Today is important but not more important than your life
Whatever you do today remember it’s not your stop
Today doesn’t define you but it will make you if you allow it

Dear daughter, today a lot of shits will happen
A lot of girls your age will be deceived with fake love
Hymens will be broken and beds smeared with blood
A lot of you will miss your part if you throw caution to the wind

Dear daughter, today will make the beginning of misery in many lives
Girls will be violated for flowers and chocolate
They will be deceived in the name of love
If you party away your life today, what about tomorrow?

Dear daughter, today is the almighty Valentine’s day with many faces
Others may call it lovers’ day but to me it’s ‘ruin day’
It’s a special day that takes young boys and girls on the path to sin just to destroy them
Heed my voice today, trust me, it’s colour; danger is not for jokes

Dear daughter, in a month time, the result will be produced
Today’s misadventures will be stamped forever
Education will be dropped and career shoved away
All dreams and aspirations for dream man might never come true

Dear daughter, call it a mistake but by then it will be too late
You will find yourself drowned in circumstances you can’t control
Your Valentine lover will deny you when you need him
Today, girls will lose their virginity or be impregnated, don’t be a victim

Dear daughter, I tell you this because I love you
I tell you this to avoid the mistake of our time
Whatsoever is sweet can also be bitter
A word is enough for the wise so be smart

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