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She was There

In the dark,
Under thin sheets,
I toss and turn,
I long for that presence,
I long for her wheezy snores,
I long for her soft, sleepy whispers,
They were always true,
The secrets she held,
Her scent though not Chanel,
Promised of home and warmth.

She was there,
When I faced the stern query of my parents,
She was there,
When the bullies try to take my lunch,
She was there,
When I had my first crush,
Nudging and tickling me as he passed.

I missed our fights,
The struggle for the biggest meat in the soup,
The fight over who would wash the plates,
The rush for the finest skirts,
I missed those times,
Because she always let me win,
And even when I washed the plates,
She was there,
Rinsing them and placing them on the racks.

I missed her.
Because my parents never noticed her absence,
She was right there, in front of them,
But they never see her,
And when I complain,
I only get looks of pity and ignorant empathy,
But she was always there,
They couldn’t see her, but I could.

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