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Olólùfé (to Tayelolu Rachael)

Ot’ojo meta
(It’s been eons since I wrote to you).

How was the journey to the forest where you found no one to soothe and suit your heart?

Or, did you find one?
And if.

the xp’rience beautiful?

Fun filled?
Did you locate…
your lost rib
that fits into the hiatus of your missing bone?

My heart had been beating ghastly since you left, ’cause it needed your love as its panacea to ameliorate the vapour that oozes from my soul.

If roaring water beleaguered around us,
I’ll stick to you forever like a symbiote
Without no harm; causing no detriment

I’ll perfect your peccable heart
I’ll paint it gold, colour it red
I’ll turn your name to ‘wura’
For in my hands you’re safe;
You can’t break, you can’t crack
Like “ìkòkò àkúfó,” broken pot


These aren’t oaths of allegiance:
But I’ll breathe peace into your sense of hearing
I’ll sing beautiful songs of “Ìfé b’éjï òwúrò” for your soul
I won’t only erect mansions for you—making mouth
I won’t make you doubt.
I will make it done,
Without making much mouth


Your love grows like the fur of apes in me
Even if being shaved by packets of razors
It’ll resprout new ones like a new born baby.
My love for you will grow higher to the heaven you see not


Will you be mine, forever
Like “èkùró ãlábákú èwà?
Will you glue with me, forever
Like “Ruth ãbókõkú?”
‘Cos your love is intoxicating me
Like “ëmü ògùrò” that of “Bàbá Ãdémü


When I’m with you
I feel the angelic presence of a queen
Not a mere one; but the one with sparkling crown
I feel the glimpse of your smile
I feel the touch of your love
As cool and calm as “ëjï òwúrò;” morning snow

Read this slowly as though a breeze passing by
And digest it like a freeze water into your soul
Feel it bit by bit,
Feel the sensation,
Feel the touch!
And feel my love!

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