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Love or Lust

There’s always a reawakening spirit
as such redeems a man,
it as thou protective, brutal for attention,
but yet gentle for just a souls touch

How can stars be seen on earth,
because they’re as thou shiny
imagine a silver glowing heart,
it’s as thou warless with no compromises
too little to have fought undefined

a graceful soft warmth

feels flea and fills valleys
replication of peace and absolute tenderness
sacrifices and foolish willingness,
yet possessed too little,
a fragile nonentity

his heart was too inflammatory;
for it shone on a life
but quenched his living
was it not love?

But on this day I hit life at its peak
My lover pruned a nursery flower,
That which I wouldn’t consent to,
Only if he hadn’t let me kiss him,
and his cannabis

Was it not love?

Love taught us to forgive
Was it not love?!

Love is overwhelming
no just perfect expressions

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