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February 14th

Another mesaage popped into Jessica’s phone, her lips widened into a smile as she bagan to type her reply with so much dexterity and swiftness.

“Who’s this nigga you’ve been chatting with all day?” Toyosi looked up from the novel she was reading to Jessica who was lying on her bed on the top bunk opposite her bunk. Toyosi glared at her for a reply as she continued with her phone wearing a small smile. “Oh, your bobo has clouded your ears, you can’t hear me again, abi Jessica!”

“It’s not like that, Toyo, just give me a minute,” she replied, still busy with her phone. “And wait, what makes you think I’m chatting with a guy?” Jessica stopped punching her phone’s keypad as she gave Toyosi a suspicious look.

“You that I know, who else will be making you smile like a chicken if not a guy?” she hissed.

“Hey girls,” a petite, light skinned girl walked into the hostel room, followed by two other average height girls.

“How far babes?” Toyosi replied climbing down her bed to the ground.

“Hey,” Jessica answered with her eyes fixed on her phone.

“Guest what babes?” a chubby girl exclaimed from behind Valerie.

“Don’t spill it yet, Esther.”

“Abeg, what’s that jor? My ears are itching me” Toyosi retorted.

Valerie glanced at Jessica who was still busy with her phone. “Jessica, are you here at all?”

“Leave that one jare, she’s in a world of her own.”

“Jessica, which one is it this time? Is it Bright or Peter or Emeka,” Oma, who had been quiet since burst into laughter.

“Don’t think I can’t hear you oo,” Jessica sat upright and dropped her phone. “So what is that you wanted to tell us Esther?”

“Well, as we know tomorrow is February 14th and we know what that means…”

“Valentine’s day,” Valerie replied dramatically.

“So, my boyfriend said he’s taking me out to Cubana,” Esther continued excitedly.

“Are you kidding us?” Toyosi exclaimed in surprise.

“Why would I?” She shrugged
“Wow, I’m happy for you girl” Jessica congratulated.

“Thank you,” she replied grinning.

“Well, for me Emeka and Daniel already promised to take me out, while Anselm promised me a gift on Valentine’s day,” Jessica announced.

“You and your numerous boyfriends, so how will you go on the date with Emeka and Daniel?” Oma questioned.

“Point of correction, Oma, they aren’t my boyfriends, they’re just—”

“They’re just what? Despite all the gifts, all the outings, the long chats, visitations, even the money they send to you, what do you call them, your brothers in the Lord?” Valerie cut in sarcastically. “You better stop deceiving yourself Jessica.”

Abeg na you know. You that’s talking what are your plans for Valentine?”

Valerie hissed. “That human being that calls himself my boyfriend is exasperating, he keeps annoying me. I have told him already that if he doesn’t do what he’s supposed to do tomorrow then he won’t find it funny with me.”

“Correct!” Esther exclaimed.

“I wonder what’s so special about this Valentine,” Toyosi rolled her eyes.

“Only people in relationships know how special it is, so Madam it’s no business of yours,” Valerie answered.

“That’s where you get it all wrong, Valentine’s day isn’t particularly for lovers, it is a day set aside to show love to another; it doesn’t have to be your lover, it could be anyone, and besides Valentine’s day originated from Saint Valentine who started the work of love, so February 14th was named after him because he was martyred on that day,” Oma explained

“Hm, scholar!” Esther hailed.

“All these boyfriendless people, Toyosi and Oma, abeg you people should go and sit down, let’s hear word,” Valerie added.

“I actually never knew this story, thanks for the enlightenment, Ọma,” Jessica replied, “but that doesn’t mean I won’t have fun tomorrow sha,”

“Definitely, we know that Jessica, since you’re Valentine itself,” they all burst into laughter.


“Ehh babe, I’m off,” Esther announced after applying the last touch of her make up, she dropped her make up kits back into their position, picked up her purse and stood up to face the other girls. “How do I look?” She was dressed in a peach evening gown, with dark plum heels and purse to match.

“Smashing.” Oma nodded.

“Nice outfit.” Jessica smiled.

“Thanks babes, let me start going because my boo is waiting for me already.”

“Have fun at Cubana with your better boyfriend girl,” Valerie bidded.

Esther walked gracefully out of the room with her purse underneath her left armpit.

“I’ve been trying this guy’s number since 7am, he’s not picking,” Valerie complained, fidgeting with her phone with creased elbow.

“Eya sorry dear, I’ll soon be leaving for my first date, or should I connect you with a guy who will give you a nice treat?” Jessica offered.

“I’m talking about my boyfriend not picking my calls, you’re talking about some stupid guy,” Valerie fired.

“See someone I’m trying to help oo, there’s nothing good about that your guy, since you’ve been dating him what has he done for you? Today that’s Valentine’s day, he’s ignoring your calls, what else do you need to convince you that he doesn’t love you?”

“Don’t you ever insult my boyfriend and besides I’m a hundred and one percent better than you are and I don’t go about jumping from one guy to another.”

“Enough girls! What’s the meaning of this? Jessica what’s your problem?” Oma questioned.

“I know I’ll be seen as the guilty one. Abeg, let me go and prepare and leave this damn place,” she sauntered out if the room.

Tears dropped from Valerie’s eyes.

“What the hell! Is this because of Jessica or your boyfriend? Don’t tell me you’re crying because of any of them,” Toyosi reprimanded.

“If my boyfriend wasn’t treating me this way, then Jessica wouldn’t have the guts to talk to me the way she did. I don’t know why Tony keeps making life hard for me, I’m tired of his attitude.”

“Then leave him now,” Oma advised.

“I can’t, I love him.”


Hours later, at about 6:15pm, Esther strolled into the room smiling with a paper bag in her hands. Oma looked up from her phone. “Hey, see who’s here!”

“How was you date Esther?” Valerie asked.

“It was splendid, I and my boo, we had loads of fun, plus when we left the suite, he took me shopping and later we went to see a movie.”

“All these in one day?”

Jessica walked in. “Esther I saw your boyfriend while coming out of the room opposite his hall of residence. He said I should beg you not to be angry that he couldn’t take you out, so he said he’ll make it up to you.”

“Ahahn, so who did you go out with?” Toyosi asked with arms akimbo.

“The truth is Esther’s boyfriend never takes her out or buy her gifts, Esther goes around buying gifts for herself and gives credit to her boyfriend. So she’s been lying all along.”

“Seriously?” Oma exclaimed.

“Is this true Esther?” Valerie questioned.

“Yes it is,” Esther’s head hung low.

“Wow, I’m speechless, so much drama all because of February 14th, Valentine’s day that’ll soon end,” Toyosi sighed.

“You girls that think having a boyfriend is everything, now you see that many relationships are not as sweet as they appear to be,” Oma commented.

“Excluding mine, my relationship is the sweetest on earth,” Jessica replied caressing her hair.

“Are you talking about your public relationship with numerous stakeholders of your body?” Valerie hissed loudly.

Everyone but Jessica burst into laughter.

“Let’s be real to ourselves girls, we’ve been in unhealthy relationships which would definitely not go far if we continue at this rate. In fact I envy Oma and Toyosi right now, let’s forget Valentine’s day and think of ways to save our relationships or ourselves from bad relationships.”

“Hmm, mama has spoken” Oma hailed.

“For me I will break up with Tony, I’m convinced he doesn’t love me, Jessica opened my eyes to that, though in n insulting way. I realize I’ve only stayed back for fear of being single and losing the little benefit I got,” Valerie continued.

“I love my boyfriend, I can’t leave him even though he doesn’t have much, he still tries to make me happy and I can’t love him less. That’s why I keep lying about him doing so many things for me because I know if he had the money he would even do more,” Esther replied.

“Hmm, I’m motivated to stop my double dating lifestyle.”

“Numerous dating rather,” Toyosi cut in.

“Okay fine, I want to stop it and focus on the one my heart belongs to whom is Emeka.”

“Awwwnnn, you girls will make me cry now,” Oma wiped an imaginary tear.

“This is definitely the best Valentine’s day I can remember,” Jessica clapped.

“Yeah, Happy February 14th, the day our eyes were opened,” they cheered.

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