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You Left

You said you loved me, you said you’d never let me go
I was the one, every chance you got you let me know
You were a dream that I didn’t want to wake up from
You said my voice made your heart beat like a drum

We’d talk all day, talk all night, then talk some more
I’d fantasize about our kids, man, we’d have four
The boys would have your lazy smile and your full soft lips
The girls would have my bright eyes and my curvy hips

But suddenly we’d talk all day, but wouldn’t talk all night
Our conversations, hitherto heavy, became light
You would say good morning and miss goodnight
And we got into longer and uglier fights

Then one day you told me it was over
And that we had no future together
If you knew this right from the start
Why did you come in just to tear me apart?

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