The Chase by Cynthia Linlin on ZenPens

The Chase

We stood on different sides of the bridge,
He in his black hat,
Me in my running shoes,
“You don’t wait for me anymore,”
My voice echoed,
Descending into the gurgling waters,
“I don’t wait for anyone”
It chilled me, his response,
He didn’t stop,
“You can never catch me”
It was a taunt,
But in it I found a challenge.

I made a run for it,
Almost, I thought,
Just a little more,
I reach out for his coat,
Like always, it fluttered out of sight,
I flop down in breath loss,
“You should change your running shoes”
His voice resounded in the air,
He’d disappear again,
But the chase was still on.

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