Moments in a Second

Opportunity is the driver,
Thanks to receiver
That receives no rival
But one rise
In a moment to rise
And gather the race
Of hard work to gaze
For the moment to face.

Miracle lives in love
Ranging from more
To to all in a moment for more
Round the clock of faith not in an hour
But in a circle of excellence,
Free to welcome miracle
In the tent of faithful cycle.

Just a moment reality
Realize the nozzle of an lite
To file out the rod of mite
Dancing like leaf
To utter beauty for a moment
In the beauty when life is mounted
On the sea of green moment.

Thanks to the giver
Of moment, the atmosphere
Which own wop, an Italian descent
On the field of an ancient
Beauty tent, rent on a golden mat,
On the sphere of a green moment
Tapped for a seconds to rain opportunity
Like dew in the Western world.

Tapping the finger of love
treasure heap greatly and reamed
Like luke in the bible using ink
To spell out mighty words for generations
To dwell like bird rest in its nest
Without an opaque in the path
Of the soul that long for it
In the moment of a second…

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