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Love is Wicked

We had started as friends
He was always there to listen
My tale of woes intrigued him
My voice kept him coming
He said I was the one
Was I foolish to have dreamed?

He would call and we’ll laugh always
We could chat all evening on WhatsApp even Facebook
Into the dead of the night
He was my Romeo and I, his Juliet

He filled me up the way no man ever did
He motivated me the way my mother never did
The first time we made love I had cried
Sweet Lord! It was sheer ecstasy

I had thought we belonged together
I thought I finally found my dream man
I wanted it to be him forever
He had come when I was on the verge of breaking down

But alas, I was wrong
He never came to stay
How could I have known that I was only a pimp?
I was just a pleasure spot for cold rainy nights

Yes, I am a single mum and so what?
Why would you judge my happiness with my mistake.
I also want to be happy, to belong to someone or don’t I deserve it?
I want a whole new story for myself

Saying goodbye had not been easy
But I said it to keep my sanity
I said it for a better opportunity
I need that space to find my true love

Goodbye lover, it’s time to move on
We could have made a great couple
But I was never good for you
You make me feel unfit and inferior for you
Indeed love is wicked
I hope you find your perfect lover someday

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