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Karma is a Bitch, isn’t He?

She stared at me with the gaze of her eyes, and despairingly watched how my lips couldn’t summarize my emotions in a single sentence. It would be an exaggerated irony to say I was completely defenceless and utterly dumbfounded in her presence. If I was told she would pee looking at my direction after our ordeal, I’d rather believe Sàngó is the progenitor of Hausa race.

“Dotun, are you going to keep staring at me…. without talking?” she bluntly asked.

Without words, I kept staring, and as attractive as she was, what I felt was the direct opposite. The sexy smile she wore, coupled with her bedroom voice would make one think she was an angel incarnate, and her red lipgloss somehow reminded me of an article I read online about girls with ulterior motives.

Breaking free from this line of thought, I stuttered and almost yelled at her at the same time, “Grace, what… are… you… doing… here?”

After what transpired between us five years ago, I tried to get over her countless times, but like quantum entanglement theory, the farther we’re apart, the closer we are. The moment I saw her after five years, the lower part of my brain remembered those happy moments, but the pain of losing what you didn’t truly own, when you thought you owned it, is more than pathetic, especially when the subject matter is standing in front of you after five years, in your room.

“Dotun, I’m here to apologise for …” She defiantly moved closer and suddenly captured my lips with an alluring kiss (it has always worked), and as cold as my emotion was, our tongues rolled on each other, and filled my nervous system with hot breath…


The first time I met Grace, I felt an unusual sensation and a strange connection. I wouldn’t say she was dashing, but her simple look stole my heart, and it took all I had to stop the Korean movie going on in my head. Unlike most girls, she has a bald hairline, and a set of teeth nobody would die for—these thoughts made me numb, as she was bundled into our health center ambulance. Few minutes ago, she fainted in our Lt—a stone thrown to where I was.

After that sardonic incident, the wave of guilt that I felt, heated my cold expression—which made me restless. I could have helped her, but stood motionless and left her to wallow in the pain of temporary darkness. And since then, I practically avoided her presence, since we’re a year apart. But nature has its ways; she noticed my self-betrayed eyes, walked up to me two weeks later, and asked, “Are you Jimoh?” and like that my journey of a thousand miles began with a dive.

Like unlike magnets, our conflicting sides didn’t repel. Her intelligence kept my tongue glued to my mouth, and I sincerely enjoyed every bit of it. I can’t say she’s bossy, she’s simply the alpha female my dad spent his lifetime looking for, before he married my mom—whom he sees as a dummy.

Our bond wasn’t as tight like that of an umbilical cord, but we tried to stay true to ourselves. We practically vowed to see other to the other side, and outlive our fate in the greater beyond. Though I saw her intelligence as a threat to my authority, I wasn’t bothered by it—I preferred being a puppet, to dating a girl with a low IQ. But deep down, I knew I was the girl in the relationship.

After my project defense, I decided to pay her a surprise visit to celebrate my success. The loud blaring music coming from her apartment, which was unsual of her caught my attention. Her door was locked to my surprise, but fortunately, I had her spare key with me. As I silently twisted the door knob, and opened the door wildly, I was stunned. I thought seeing my father beat my mother for her supposed lack of critical reasoning, was the most depressing sight my depressed eyes have seen, but behold, Grace was touching her toe, and my own class rep was greasing her from behind.


I ran a quick check on her nipples, from the left to the right, and felt her cum underneath. But that didn’t stop me from inserting my cock, and make her moan like a cat. I noticed her ass has grown a little bigger, and her boobs are eventually falling like my grandma’s. The frequency at which I connected and transmitted the signal, was as if it’s the last thing I’ll ever do correctly—and finally I finished the third round of the ravenged food in front of me.

“Dotun, I wish we did this when we were together,” she said, as she took great care of my flat tyres—which I presumed to be the adverse effect of a good fuck.

“Grace, I’m sorry, I don’t think we did the right thing.”

“Why” She unconsciously let go of my balls, to my relief.

I silently walked past her, dressed up, and faced her with a blunt face.

“Grace, it’s been five years, and a lot of things have changed. I have a fiancée who’s pregnant with my child. I can’t betray her the way you betrayed me… I’m sorry.”

I expertly cooked a cock story, to chase the bull dog out of my room.

“Then why did you do it with me? why? Give me another chance.” Her expression was extremely pathetic. and she tried to hold on to me.

“I’m sorry, your kiss lured me… I’m human.. like you… remember.. please leave, she’ll soon be here.”

She was obviously dejected, and for once, curiosity made me yearn for what happened between her and my class rep—who dated her after that heartbreaking incident. As she turned to twist my door knob, the words I had in mind the moment I saw her in my room after five years, fell like a mango tree;


“Karma is a bitch, isn’t he?”

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