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Secret Hearts

With eagle eyes
he gazed upon me.
Affectionate look,
with elevation angle of love.

His heart was drawn to me
like a magnet to a rare metal.
So sad when I repelled him
thinking he came to snatch and devour me.

Though I claimed not to like him,
deep down I wanted him so badly.
Of mountain’s and valley’s hearts,
we loved silently and secretly.

I wanted him to talk to me,
to proclaim his love for me.
And embrace me close to his heart,
and tell me ‘how beautiful art thou’.

His heart of frankincense
permeates my soul with savory.
Melting my icing heart
with so much love to spare.

I relish the moment my imaginations became a reality.
When our secret hearts will evolve into an indivisible unit.

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