Of a Magnificent King

Of a Magnificent King

Let’s tell a tale of a godhead,
The God-given, the Godsent, the God led,
The course that brought blessings upon humanity,
Dexterity of a royal prosperity,
Maleficent in his magnificence,
The authority and superiority in his eminence,
Imperial majesty,
Lion of a great dynasty.

Of a magnificent king,
Your eulogy is the song we sing,
We bow to the power of your glory,
sovereignty the uphold of your sanctuary,
A God of war, the mighty man in battle,
The sword of death that struck down a thousand castles.

Of a magnificent king,
Expression can’t express your royalty
Magnitude can’t magnify your regality,
Elegance edifies your imperiality,
My king! No other order is greater than your audacity.

Ain’t nothing greater than the great and powerful,
My God, a man of grace full of grace, the graceful,
Your eulogy is the song we sing,
The greatness and the power of a magnificent king.

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