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Belly Buttons

Nemat lived in a city called Intestine, a city made of food and water. The people of Intestine were colonizers of a more complex country called Belly Button: the home of nature’s secret. Nemat was a young girl who had powers to eat through walls and buildings of the Intestine, she was one of the greatest beings among the Intestanians.

She had always eaten every of the walls or building she pleased to and didn’t care if it hurts them (the people) or not. Until one day the strangest thing happened, the thing she never imagined would happen to her so soon, but according to the prophesy that she was told, the strangest thing would happen in her time; never had she knew it would happen so soon.

When Worma the Witcher, the most powerful black magician in the entire country, came two years ago to pay courtesy visit to King Giza after many anticipated of her arrival. Just as they did, she came with a message; a message of calamity that will befall on them all. Not minding how young her stay in the city was, she envisioned the disaster in form of a lady, a young lady called Nemat: the future of Matires (magicians of hope).

It was said that she (Nemat) would bring the end of their dynasty.

“How will she do that?” asked the king.

“She will cause the darkness and if care is not taken the darkness will end the whole dynasty and never will it be heard anywhere on the planet that such dynasty existed. But there is a solution.”

“Hmm…” Everyone sighed in relief.

“The solution will only be revealed by she, the magician of hope.”

Everyone wanted to hear what the solution was, at least from the Witcher herself. But Nemat! Nemat of all people had only caused pain to them. “Now, how can the cause of our unforseen problem be the calibre of the solution?” Gullard, King Giza’s son muddled and asked.

“Like I said, the cause of your yet-to-come problem is Nemat, and she is also the solution,” the Witcher calmed down and continued, “your Prince Gullard is the key to the happiness of Intestanians.”

“Better! I mean, we all know he will be the one to inherit my throne anyway. So I am not surprised if my people’s happiness will come from him. But what about the things you said about Nemat?”

“She will know what to do when the time comes. That is all I can say.” Those were the last words of the Witcher before she left for the kingdom of Anusha, the kingdom that bordered Intestine.

Nemat had been having the weirdest dreams, the dream she never made known to any of her predecessors. The day of the Ulcer festival, a festival that the people of Intestine held for them to celebrate the food and water the gods of hunger had blessed them with. Everyone was away for the celebration when Nemat decided to feed on Sir. Ribbos’s warehouse—the city’s finest farmer. She sneaked out the crowd and hurried to the place she had longed to destroy. Gullard saw when she left and followed suit. As always she chewed through the four walls of the warehouse that caused every brick to break. Gullard stood close to the door disgusted by her evil.

The praises and laughter from the celebration echoed through, which distracted Prince Gullard’s gaze at her. She loved how the walls tasted and decided to have a feast on the door. With happiness she charged through the door with her teeth, and through Prince Gullard’s chest too.

“I have committed an abomination. I ha-hav ha… I have killed the prince!” Nemat told the others when she joined the crowd of Intestanians.

“Haay woo o…!” Everyone shouted almost at the same time. They all murmured for about two minutes before I regained consciousness.

“Finally you are awake, the operation was successful ,officer.”

“Thank God o, thank you Dr. Wisher. So does this mean we can take him back to jail?”

“Yes, yes you can.”

Coauthored by Mohammad Haruna
and Ella John.

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