Shooting Stars Don’t Weep

Shooting Stars Don't Weep by Courage C. Elliot on ZenPens

From a distance I heard your call of distress
Through my windowpane I saw a shooting star
But shooting stars don’t weep
Oh! Beauty has been dented tonight

My fallen star, my fallen angel
Were you not told of the cruelty of this world?
A golden heart has earned you broken wings
Folks saw you as a martyr
They said, “Look, a shooting star”
“Shooting stars don’t weep,” I replied

My fallen angel, lay still in my arms
I’ll fix you as you breathe against my chest
I’ll mend your broken wings
A fallen angel shall fly again

There shall be scars
Your once golden heart shall bear stripes
These will all remind you
That you were never a shooting star
That shooting stars don’t weep

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