Dance of David

Dance of David by Bliss on ZenPens

Side by side, left and right David danced
He threw his garment to attain a height
In the exercise of glamour for his dancing thought
He twisted and tinted his posture on his rocky thought
He, stylishly and openly, a lyre of praise
Which bound his soul to dance and praise

Zealous moments in thought,
Wonderful moments to utter
Words on a platter of joyful heart.
An open and free pleasing heart
To portray a danceable skillful heart
Not minding the meaning of mocking heart.

He forgot crown and staff
To adore and appraise the face
Of questionable moment of beauty
What a desirable step by step,
Comparison zip on to explain in slate
Of David exercise
Without rehearsing the moment of his exercise.

Creativity, reality, sensitivity, and step by step.
Motion take note on David steps
His dance is uncomparable dancing steps
Thought cannot widen his steps
History heard few of his steps.

His steps crack many steps
During his time, time timed his moment
To imitate his dancing steps .

Dance of David is only known
By David, he only know
How he play his harp for him to know
His dancing steps which the world know now.

Loving thought removed his throne
To dance before the one that’s own the throne
He dance drastically not rascally for his God
David pull off his kingdom for him to be known
Before the one who know the unknown.

Melody mixed with sound, harp hype his height
Not to file out a bunch of stationary thought
But for David to adore his marker with his dance..

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