I felt the fluid crawl down to my nipples, jolting me out of my reverie. I perceived the alluring and mouthwatering cookies, her favourite dipped in warm chocolate.
Their love story was one that got Mother Earth jealous as she ranted restlessly like one in heat calling on the heavens to get her laid. She squirted outta pleasure, trying to make the love birds jealous. Unknowingly, the more she dripped, the earth got colder, giving them reasons to be in each other’s arms.
Not until Ola became possessed by lightning, his voice would make her tremble, awakening the silence of the night.
Constantly, his hands found her body as a play drum, entertaining the disappointed guest.
She was a chocolate, he stripped her off her flavours… she got sore and was lost to the wind.
He forcefully gave her an invitation to the world beyond, where souls dine and the watch the dramas of the flesh…
She gave her back with the yellow flower. She left with her sparkle.
The heavens were angry and the earth had to agree to their term. This time she didn’t squirt, she cried with each thrust….
The rain was heavy and angry, Ola lost his lightning potentials.
But neither of this could bring her back

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