The Night Stalker

The persistent tears of his victims
The piercing shrieks of their helplessness
The blood gushing out from their bitten throats
The pains daring to destroy their souls

The tabloids called him the night stalker
Because he attacks only at night
The name stuck and became him
Because that was more like him

The first girl had a mark on her neck
The second was a boy who had multiple knife wounds all through
The third was a woman, raped and butchered in her own house
The fourth, who could it be?

The night stalker of Berkley Ford Precinct ent
The unmasked evil that haunts the night
He monitors his victims like a secret sleuth
Only he snuffs his life off them not save them

The city lives in fear of the unknown
No one is safe among friends
Anyone could be the Night Stalker
Could be you with the gait of a snail

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