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When Did Our Love Become a Ghost?

Loneliness has become my daunting host.
It’s laughing and exposing crooked teeth
Now I’m seething.
It warned me against you,
To cherish my own company and share it with no other, not even you
But I was dumb
I always went numb
Anytime I saw you
You had this flair that I was drawn to
But I could have withdrawn too.

But we met and time drove us
To a world we had never been before.
I succumbed to this love force
And let my emotions come to shore
You gave me whatever I gave you
Love, care, attention and what have you.

But then came the disconnect
One I’ve been unable to forget
I try to,
I promise, I do!
But fact remains you aren’t coming back
You are hugging another’s back
You’re chorusing his songs like you did mine
No! It’s fine!
Go on, let him taste those same lips
That I ravaged while holding your hips
One time I remember you screaming
Please don’t stop! Keep thrusting!
And it now makes me wonder what the hell I did wrong
It suddenly begun
You tasted differently
Like another
You smiled way differently
At another
You became too busy
With another
Oh I feel dizzy
I can’t go on!

I’ll let loneliness take me into its sizzling arms
I will build my walls so high that no one can climb it
I’ll love my own company and no other
I’ll explore every coast of solitude
I’ll be fine without you
Cause right now our love is a ghost
My love is a ghost

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