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This is Love

At a time like this
I seek to find
Even if it’s only a fickle
Of love somewhere in the meadow
I dream to last in the magic
That has abruptly overwhelmed me
Eclipsing my subconscious in ecstasy
And daring to engulf me in euphoria

This is love
I knew once I was anguid
With my eyes upon your face
I stuttered and stammered
Finding and mixing words
I knew that I have finally found love

But to my chagrin
You sauntered past me; up ahead
And melted into another’s arms
Knowing I would kill
To get you hold me in that ilk
with tears falling in torrents, I raced
And raced, even trotted
Hoping to find solace in no place in thoughts

My emotions stirred in ire
My head whirred in irritation
Just when I was about to explode
you came and gave me a white hanky
In it where engraved the four words
Which I thought you never knew
“I love you Lydia,” it read
Then you took me in your arms and kissed me

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