There’s a desire that runs so deep
Runs hot like fire that never faints nor sleeps
That desire that is so compelling
Surpassing any power therein or any dwelling.

And you shall receive power
When that the holy ghost
Shall come on thee like fire
Making you a carrier and his host.

I pray that you fill me up till I overflow
Shake me up till I get lost in thee
Break my every wall till I glow
Blow like a mighty wind upon me

Lord, I am completely in love with thee
As I long to roar every morning
To tell the world your goodness to me
And how I found your love every morning.

This sacred morning I open my heart
For thee only to come in and renew
and every life hovering on earth
Shall this day be fresh like the morning dew.

This day my troubles are laid bare
At thy holy and divine presence
Caring less if they’re there
Since you alone are my essence.

All the beauty I seek
I get in thee every week
And now kneeling on this holy ground
I’ll sing of this joy I’ve found.

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