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Love like a crimson field of littered corpses of rivals
Angels avenging affection with jealously observant eyes
As like Capulet and Montague

Men growing careless of their charge
Cry and kiss your nectar
They cared not by what means
But what you have yet to do
Say who goes or stays?

Innocent flower
You have yet another follower
One above two
We are three

By all means blush
After all it’s the August rush
When the swarm scout for apple cedars
Found none wither
And we settle for the nectars

Bittersweet vinegar!
How is that you belong to one insect?
In a fair fight with that cricket
I put up more beautiful colors for you
Still you have no notice of me?

You let me perch
Yet upon my march
You lent him shelter
Even with a cosmic cold shower
Aaah! Not anymore!

You had me feed like a vampire
From slithered veins of a sire
Now I return for food
Only to see you serve it to Jude
You are crude!

Now it’s all clear like drinking water
You lured the elk and the moose to your water
You had us dying on top your matter
With untellable affection;
Nay, a deadly infection
Perhaps more deadly than death

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