I’m With You Till The End

I'm With You Till The End by Chima Daniel

Come my child,
I’m with you in the wild.
Though the lions roar on every side,
and your heart is tossed far and wide.
Though the hyena laughs at you as a game,
and it is obvious you won’t leave the way you came.
Though the night is full of terror,
and your mind only imagines horror.
I’m with you till the end.

At this point,
it seems you’ve ran out of options.
With your plans and tactics,
a piece of paralyzed functions.
And your mind playing dangerous stunts,
as you wrestle with doubts and fears.

Hope seems elusive
while faith becomes expensive.
And trust is delusive,
as escape remained furtive.
And tears became your wine,
as you pretend to be fine.

I won’t say, “I feel your pain,”
while in my palace of great gain.
But I’ll soothe your pain
with abundant showers of rain.
Look at the bright side of your darkness,
and see me standing by you to give you gladness.

The road might be thorny,
full of broken bottles and bones.
And you walked gently,
thinking you are all alone.
Know this in your trembling zone:
“I’m with you till the very end.”
This is a promise,
not a compromise.

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