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World Without Khan Sa

Death tolled around
When things were rosy
struggles on the run
As life to us came a quick end

You promised never to leave me
How destined we are
in destiny’s sight
our love was so flawless

Everyday without you
Is like a thorn piercing my skin
Inside out with no atom of humanity
Cursed that day my phone rang

We lived like gods and goddesses
Much to the envy of hypnos
from the loins of Thanatos
Who came to steal to itself

I remembered vividly dear Khan
When you fell and slumped
I stopped existing in reality
And perusing my thoughts for answers

Mr Khan Sa please be strong
You have been diagnosed with cancer
This sounded like the trumpet Ms Yuri
Said would blow on the final day.

I lost you to this demon
This monster called tumor
that flourished and grew in you
While our love story was at Genesis

We’re all threatened by this
The literate and the not-too-fortunate
The doctors and the patient
Mothers and her daughters

My heart goes out to you all
Who have lost a jewel
Like I lost my Khan
and became one without life.

Today we remember our heroes
Who fought a good fight
Conquered the tumor
To live happily in the afterlife

World cancer day from Mrs Khan Sa
Feb 4th.

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