Love at Fifth Sight

Love at Fifth Sight

Dear Dumebi,

When I first met you, the night stars didn’t illuminate the night sky, but as dark as the night was, your voice lighted my heart, though my moon didn’t make the dawn of the day.

The second time I met you, we passed each other like strangers, and left me in awe of you. So I wondered: was Cupid stupid? or like Westlife, am I the fool again?

Dumebi, our third meeting was like a rhema, and I felt the vibration of my body moving, but… oh boy! the fire in me scattered the shattered feelings I have for you… even though I still need you.

I was fortified before the fourth meeting, but ò fór tí … which made me think I was a bad influence. So like a popular musician, I decided to tesumole by trapping the demon inherent in me… just to make sure that unlike Rudeboy, you’d reason with me.

The fifth meeting was a fifty-fifty, but the filthy smile you wore, made me realize my time has come. As you slowly divided the doubt multiplying in my heart, my past tense became present, and I saw our future rising like the sun from the south.

So my lady, do you love me like I do?

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