Commander of Niger

Commander of Niger

While others write of battles fought, of bloody, ghastly fields
Where honor greets the man who wins and discredits the man who bleeds

I would write of him who fights to conquer injustice, suffering and fraud
Here is a soldier, whom all must applaud
Who has fought nepotism both home and abroad

With a congenial heart of the masses, their plea he sought
With a lion’s heart and a warrior’s mind of gallantry he fought.

So much a leader with accomplished goals, worthy of trust
Here stands a man who will do what he must regardless of what it costs.

A prophet, they say is not regarded in his location
A warrior as we know is respected with immutable celebrations
But an icon of excellence is treated with exuberant veneration.

His works are emulated, and revolutionalized
His composture is precedent and idealized.

A mentor for future generations, a godfather for men with vision
A father, a friend and and a figure worthy of emulation.

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