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Chef d’oeuvre

Let me show you the hidden precepts of my heart,
that made me conquer the highs and lows of aesthetic flows.
It made me lived the dream of every creator,
creating creations of rare inspirations.

Surmounting the expectations of the intelligentsia
with austere prefixes and suffixes.
And insouciantly playing with words and phrases
I made pieces from cloud nineteen.

And twisting literary rules,
verses were churned in the belly of luscious lines.
And dishing literary freestyles,
my themes provided healings to societal ills.

Of simple precepts,
the art got visited by the law himself.
And evolving tenets,
the art became a flamboyant mirror that revealed all spots.

With relentless mind,
I kept the flames of poetry burning.
And spontaneous egging to write,
I wrote in the bathtub, walkway, field and awkward places.

But my creations are yet to see the best of me,
that keeps adding flesh minute by minute until a masterpiece is born.

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