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As Survivors We Remember

The bulk of our story
is bedecked with struggle.
Struggle to live
and remember.

To remember our genesis,
the art of our survival.
But lifestyle and nemesis,
made us medieval.

From cells to cells,
packs of new beginning.
But enduring viperous cells
poisoned a wonderful designing.

We feed, it grows.
We breed, it flows.
With seed to glow:
cancer stole the show.

Everyone is a risk factor,
both the patient and the doctor.
But meet with the survivors
and see hope in reservoirs.

We are all survivors,
whether free or captives.
With each cell cycle,
cancer is absolute or relative.

To those who departed early
by the fangs of malignancy.
We light candles in pearly,
to celebrate your life of excellency.

Today we remember
all the wounds and pains.
The transforms to tumors
that reformed our turmoils.

The grenade to the cervix,
the bullets to the breast,
the arrows to the prostate,
the daggers of leukemia.

We keep fighting
with our minds enlightened.
We keep surviving
with our lifestyles modifying.

Surely someday
a fresh start will be gifted.
Then we can safely say
“Cumbaya! Cancer is lifted!”

Happy World Cancer Day!

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