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Unforgettable Lover

As I waited for the sun to set
I longed for my eyelids to shut
I needed a diversion, I can’t sleep
Thoughts of my ex-lover flew in like birds migrating for spawning
Syndicated by a mutual connection our memories were imprinted

As I sat and watched lovers kiss
I remembered the good times we had
Maybe it was the meaning I never found
Maybe it was the memories I held in awe
I valued your presence at the verge of losing you

Young was our hearts but full of love
As naive as we were we had no resentment
Not being right for each other was a beast we fought each day
We ignored the possibilities of a disappointment by clinging to our utopia

How could I not be scared, when your words were hedged towards matrimony?
How could I ignore all pleasures and coquetting of a teenage boy
Maybe your assurance wasn’t enough but my doubts was the beginning of the end

In a society that sets an age difference for couples.
I felt it was a matter of time before you left me for a better union
I wished i met you later when my maturity wouldn’t be questioned
Because I was not macho my approval was denied by your folks.

From that moment doubt set in
My intentions were tainted
I wanted the juice from the coconut
But wasn’t willing to climb the tree

In a feit to acquire all that silver that shone from afar
I lost the Gold that was hanging loosely from my pocket
Now finding someone with half the qualities you had, is only possible in a dream I’m scared to wake up from

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  1. Ebi my guy, this is too much… It is directly referring to me😥😥
    Good one bro….😍😍😘😘😘😍😍😘😍😍

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