The Second Betrayal

The Second Betrayal

Tonight I am alone,
Having to face this world,
I’m sober without you,
Queried my heart on you.

Why it never stopped seeking you?
It said about you: “You are the beacon of light,
that waves away the clouds,
setting the stars and moon aligned.

Why it was your playing card?
It said: “I’m enchanted by his love and even the dust below the feet on which he walk, I’ll still kiss.

Why it beats only for you ?
It said: “I’m like a caged lion, whom only he can unleash.
If life is a maze, then why not walk it in grace with him.

Then why has he left me?
My heart, I bequeathed him.
Stranded in bleak oblivion I remain,
Despite the love I proclaimed.
It said: “He left you but how can I leave him?

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