I lost track of time
the day I chose you.
And slowly loose my prime
because I followed you.

Being with you was my childhood dream,
a fantasy of juicy stream.
I ditched other disciplines
just to rest in your incline.

Of six years courtship,
all my folks see is your companionship.
Of eternal friendship,
am I lucky in this relationship?

You made me care for people
even when I don’t want to.
And gave me the secrets of most couples,
even without much ado.

During our nuptial vow
I swore to do no harm.
But I’m treated like a cow,
and no one expect me to raise alarm.

They call me the most privileged,
but I got no house in my village.
And if I frown it is sacrilege,
since my welfare is a mirage.

Of opisthotonic romance,
my love for you is having contracture.
And my future at a glance,
is an abdomen with many sutures.

Day or night,
I’m continually in your sight.
When I strive to do right,
all I get is a blow or a fight.

To be with you,
I ate volumes of books.
But what I’m seeing in you,
is changing my vibrant looks.

Oh! Medicine my lofty bride,
please restore my glossy pride.
That I might gainfully glide,
amidst my painful side.

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