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Beyond the Colours

Paint my skin white, blonde, black or red
Our blood will always be red when bled
Whether you are from the north, east, South or west
Together our strength is at its best.

The Omnipotent formed us nigh his image
According to his very page
He made us to dominate over other things
And not decimate our fellow beings.

History formed us in one braid
With no classification or grade
Why then do we cut others off by what they’re made?
Refusing them any form of aid.

My heart aches seeing my brothers burnt
Like villains on chase, criminals on the hunt
Don’t you know you’ve just made one an orphan?
Another poor child without any cover.

Africa, beautiful and peaceful Africa my fatherland
Considered a fortress of humanity
A centre of respect for human dignity
Ah! What then awaits the universe without this very hand?

Xenophobia, the present plague in Africa
Brothers betraying and slaying brothers
Mothers and children taking refuge under bridges
And the old and weak in age greeted with this very siege

Now, tell me where have we kept our father’s legacy?
What happened to their laid down policies
They did not promote terrorism. Hell no!
Why not drop your arms and have a rethink?

Africa why do we continue to hide behind poverty
Blaming foreign nationalist for taking our bread
Why do we pollute this present society?
Making us remember the already forgotten apartheid.

Where there’s still life there is still hope
When we come together this love will not fade
Let’s stop hate and this unprecedented raid
Because beyond our skin colour is a heart that pumps hope.

I believe in you
I believe you are wonderfully made
I believe you’d spread this to the diasporas
Come let’s end xenophobia.

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