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Lone Man

I was sitting by the road side, along the highway…

I was deep in thoughts. Thinking about how everyone feels I’m alright. How everyone feels I’ve got the perfect life..

I have no friends. No one.

People just vibe with me for a few, and then they leave.

Maybe I’m a virus yet to be discovered. Maybe I’m a weight they cannot carry.

I sat on the field, stargazing and thinking life through.

Close to the boulder on the field, there was a girl. She was watching the cars pass on the highway and smiling. Not the “I’m happy” kind of smile. The painful type of smile.

I tried comparing them; herself and the sky. I tried figuring out which looked better.

I was still rummaging through their details when she came close to where I sat and propped right next to me.

“Hello,” she said.

“Hello, good evening,” I replied.

“I’m sorry. I’m having a lot running through my mind. Do you think I could share your space with you?”

“Sure. No problem,” I said looking at the sky, sad that something else had won the beauty contest, and happy that whatever it was that won was sitting right next to me.

Maybe I don’t have friends. Maybe I don’t have close ones, but I cherish moments like this.

Meeting new people make me happy. Whether they leave or stay, I always learn something new.

It’s been twenty five years since I died in a car crash, on my way to see my wife after childbirth—the first child; in the hospital, and my ghost still sits in the same place where I first met my wife.

Tell her I love her, and my child has her smile. The one thing she defeated the sky with.

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