April’s Fools

April's Fools

It is that time of the year again, when people play dirty pranks on one another and enjoy the cute looks of disappointments that comes with it. When we unfold the truth, it creates a moment of bliss accompanied by our “April Fool’s” chatter. Like always, I’m curious of anything that comes my way just so that I can remain dominant; for the past three years nobody has been able to successfully execute a prank on me. I on the other hand am the ‘Major’ when it comes to pranks.

Habila is my incessant rival. The only person that almost succeeded in pranking me last year. Some might consider the April 1st tradition as childish, but to me and my friends it is a career worth having in it sense. And I’m the C.E.O of it. In school, mosques, churches, markets, basically anywhere we get a chance to prank each other we do. We just don’t seem to miss an opportunity to laugh at someone’s shattered trust in us.

It is the day we have all been desperately waiting for—like a war it is for us. I have written down my master plan to serve as protocols for my victory. I’m not sure who I will meet first, but I’m damn sure somebody is gonna get pranked hard. So unfortunately everyone happens to be avoiding me, including dear Mother. She is very careful of me being around her, because she of all people wasn’t left out last year either.

So I have decided to pull out my greatest prank of all time, perhaps the best prank the world will ever see. I’m sure of getting into the Guinness Book of Records if this goes exactly as I have planned it.

Just as I expect, Habila is knocking at my door I panic and regain my composure on seeing him; I don’t want to be almost pranked yet again by Habila. I’m certain that he will never succeed in pranking me.

“Help me, please help me,” he utters, bleeding through the nostrils and his mouth as well. I’m startled for a moment and then remembers what day it is.

“Please I’m not joking, my stomach is killing me. I need to get to the hospital please. Please!” he screams in pain and collapse to the floor.

“Oh! This is your new plan, right? Well I’m smarter than you boy.” I smile. I know who Habila is and the extent he’s willing to go just to prank me.

Just as I smile in victory, Kehinde, Habila’s younger sister runs into the house and kneels, lifting her brother’s head up on her laps.

“Habila! Uncle please help me get him to the hospital. Please! He’s really dying, he took the insecticide just to prank you. Please! I think the thing is really dangerous,” she says.

Soon, the smile starts to fade out of my oval sad face. I see my childhood friend taking his last breath here on Earth. How can he do such a thing? Why do I hesitate to realize my best friend is dying right in front of me? Doesn’t he know sniper is not a good thing to take? We get blind by our pride and now we all are victims to the prank of April itself. Yes! We are April’s Biggest Fools.

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