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The Voices in My Head

I hear the voices in my head
Echoing and reverberating
Full of flaws yet flawless

They tell my heart to race at the sight of the opposite sex
They tell me to summon courage and approach her
Together we plan the solid steps
But they go mute when work is in progress
All they do is tighten my stomach and
Make my fingers vibrate to her sight
I become defenseless and solely on my own
I feign a hopeful smile like all is well
While I roam deep down to find my voice

These same voices
They tell me to try it just once
“It doesn’t hurt to try, just feel free”
It sounds the drum of pleasure in my head
While I dance to the tune of addiction
Right now I’m trying to escape this death hole
But these voices tell me its safe here

These same voices
They whisper like the whirlwind
Silently piercing my unshielded thoughts
They tell me this world is so cruel
That I can never fit in
They make me yearn for afterlife
To leave a knife in my chest
Or step of the golden
They assure the world beyond is void of sorrow and rejection

These voices don’t exist differently
They’re a part of me that I sincerely wish to keep shut
But the harder I try the louder they get
Somebody please drown me
For in this ocean will I cease to hear those voices

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