Silent Lovers

Silent Lovers

Who are they?
they are filial humans
with feelings and plans.
They love with all they’ve got
but goes unnoticed like a faint dot.

They are ladies,
often on dark goggles.
They act like babies,
with stage fright struggles.

They are men,
often fidgeting with pen.
They’re always waiting for the right moments,
but when it comes they leave with no comments.

They are very shy,
battling with how to say ‘hi’.
In their minds they’ve reached the sky
but in reality they cannot fly.

They have so much love to share
for their hearts is a fountain of care.
But they love expressionlessly
and anticipate endlessly.

They are in a doldrum,
not caused by excess rum.
If ever they escape this conundrum,
they’ll love like a dumb.

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